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    • There is little point spending money on a great pair of curtains and then neglecting the best accessories. Choose a curtain pole that will complement your new purchase. Again, look around the room for inspiration. Steel and chrome poles are very popular but can look out of place in more traditional homes and cottages. Tie backs should also be a consideration. Quite often you will find that your curtains are sold with tie backs included. However, there are some great tie backs on the market that can really set your curtains apart. They include materials like rope, feathers, small jewels and sequins.

      Offers unique products including items created exclusively for this site by the producers of "Anne of Green Gables" and "Road to Avonlea."

      Well, in addition to the spacious skies and majestic mountains of the land, Canada also has a number of other things for novice vacationers to experience. And even if you're an expert at living that kick-back existence - while on holiday in this country, anyway, - you may not have thought of the ones on this list:

      Items on the block include: Olivia's wedding dress, satin hat worn by Faye Dunaway, cream brocade suit worn by Sarah Polley, and many more unique collector's pieces.

      One more way is through painting. You can spray paint or airbrush it to come up with a different feel. You can use different colours or for uniformity, you may use only one. While painting, you can also make new designs for it.

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