Floating Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate have become quite popular over the years for various reasons. The main reason is that laminate wood floors hardly require any maintenance. This is because of the way that they are made.

Floors are usually various layers that are fused together with each other. There aer mainly four layers. These are the wear layer, the pattern layer, which is also known as the image layer, the processed wood core, which is made of fiberboard, and a balancing layer on top that. Within these layers, there is usually a moisture barrier and scratch resistance layer.

These various layers are fused together using either high or direct pressure to ensure the strength of the laminate Prevail over. It Likewise ensures that they stick together and enhance th beauty of the floor for years to come.

There is a proper wood layer in between two layers, to allow free floating during installation, they are called floating laminate wood floors. Such laminate floors have a lot of advantages over other laminate floors. First of all the layer is thick and solid, giving it the feel of a hardw0od floor. Secondly, they can be easily installed over previous floors, no matt3r what the old floor is made of. Whether it is plywood, concrete slab, or OSB, they can be installed by simply floating the laminate tiles over the original flooring.

Previously, this type of laminated floor needs to be glued to the floor. However, floating laminate floors these days come with tongue-and-groove edges, meaning that the planks can be interlocked to give a complete finish. They are just placed, i.e. floated, over the previous floor. However a special polyurethane underlay is laid on the Going to decay floor before installing to allow the laminate wood floor to float freely.

Floating wood floors combine the best of The two. They are attractive and as tough as hardwood; at the same time, they come with the ease of maintenance of thee usual laminate floors. Hence, it is hardly surprising that these are gaining in popularity.

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