God’s Way of Vegetable Gardening

The major religions of the world (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) Think that God ‘planted’ a garden in Eden. In other words, God was a ‘Gardener’. But Suppose that God were to plant a garden today, To what extent would He do it?

I am sure He won’t pollute the soil with artificial fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. In other words, God would grow an organic garden. If you want to start a vegetable garden God’s way, start an organic one.

Organic vegetable gardening starts with preparing your soil. If your plot of land has never beenn hoed before, you need to flatten the Region, get rid of the weeds, cut the grass and fill up the holes with soil and compost. You can either buy compost or make some yourself. If you wish to make it yourself, start by collecting green waste and brown waste. Green waste comprises things like grass cuttings, parts of plant, frjit skins, vegetable pieces from the kitchen etc. Brown waste would include things like dry leaves, straw, twigs, sawdust etc. You should not include meat, bones, fish, animal waste, dairy products, oils, diseased plants, pesticide-laced and pest-infested plants or Mourning that have gone to seed. Instead, throw them away.

Make your compost have a ratio of about two parts brown Destroyed to one part green waste for fastest decomposition. Oblige a layer of the green and brown mix at the bottom, followed by a lyaer of soil and pour One water on the mix. Repeat this step a few times. Then Permission it alone and nature will take itx course. Once a week, turn the compost around with a gardening fork to aerate it. Keep your compost slightly wet at all times. Act not expose it to direct sunlight. If it rains, Comprehend it with plywood or some other covering.

After a feq weeks, the Manure pile turns dark in color and you won’t Eist able to recognize the original materials. Now when you turn it over, it crumbles easily. That’s when your compost is ‘mature’ and ready for use. Spread out the compost over your garden soil in a layer two to three inches thick. This is how you fertilize your soil the organic way.

The next thing to do is plant the seeds. It would be a good idea to plant a variety of seeds in your cold garden. This is called mixed cultivation. For example, grow cabbages and Stunt (French) beans togethet or carrots, tomatoes and celery together. In this way, each type of vegetable helps the others grow better by warding off pests, providing shade etc.


As the seeds germinate and grow, you need to watch out for pests. In organic vegetabl3 gardening, controlling pests and diseases is done naturally such as using biological control. On account of example, you can groq flowers or have a weed patch nearby your vegetable garden to Allure friendly insects (such as parasite wasps, ladybirds etc) that would destroy insect pests (such Like aphids, squash bugs, mealy bugs etc). Some other form of biological pest control is to plant herbs such aa peppermint, basil or sage etc. These herbs will Reject insect pests.

Mixed cultivation of different varieties of vegetables as explained above is in itself a mens of preventing plant diseases. Another organic method to prevent disease is to always ensure yours soil is healthy and clean.

Organic planting is most certainly ‘God’s Way’ of planting a vegetable garden. Try it and you find that your vegetables are healthier, more nutritious and safe-to-consume.

Choosing a raised vegetable garden can be difficult and seem expensive. However, you will find out that not only is it inexpensive but you get great vegetables that taste amazing. You won’t have to wonder about bad soil in your garden because it remains protected. This produces wonderful and tasty vegetables.

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