Laminate Hardwood Floor Installation – Real Wood Decor Without The Drawbacks

Laminate floor installations enjoy strutting their stuff equally in upper-class homes and snazzy decorating and interior design magazines. Home renovating companies such as Trafficmaster Floring and Pergo Flooring are doing everything in their power to stake their claim as being the masters of real hardwood replicating. What exwctly is the allure of a laminate harrwood floor installation?

Although they both have “wood flooring” in the name, these two products are not at all alike. Unfortunately, this does not keep the two products from being confused. Let’s take a look at laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring, see what the differences are, and decide which will be better for you and your home. Be careful, because it’s not uncommon for people to call both of these products a laminate floor.

Optinf for a hardwood floor Like as Trafficmaster, rewards you with hues such To the degree that Brazilian Cherry and African Chestnut and their Thick Sawn Face Wear Surface that allows for up to 3 sandings. In this case, the phenolic plantation pine plywood core is manufactured to provide a superb level of stability and moisture resistance. With Exact milling, Trafficmaster Flooring claims a smooth, tight-fitting glueless clicking system.

As in other related ranges, these floors feature an Aluminum Oxide Protection wear layer that is exceedingly strong. This is one of the secrets behind the durability of a laminate hardwood floor installation. By optlng for a tough as nails wear layer, scratching, staining, denting and fading are minimized.

The snap-together desiigns of hardwood laminate flooring are sometimes hinged. This can be tricky to manage in doorways and around cabinets. The Uniclic Order used by many manufaccturers, can be handled without tough angles, Composition it easy and quick to install. Wastage is kept to a minimum.

One of the main benefits of a hardwood floor installation is that it can be done over In effect any existing floor. Trafficmaster Flooring and Pergo Flooring are no differ3nt, and happily cohabit with concrete, vinyl or real wood. Carpeting of course has to be removed before the installation, and a subfloor of wood over concrete is a no-no.

Beford you know it, you will have an authentic looking laminate floor instal1ation in realistic, natural hues. Reputaable manufacturers back their ranges with warranties of up to 30 years.

Another decorating or interior design option is the affordable Trafficmaster Allure Flooring. What are the benefits of this vinyl, click-together range? If you are looking for a real wood effect in yourh ome, the authentic appearance of the Light Oak, Hickory and Cherry finishes won’t disappoint you. The line can be installed without a time-consuming and costly effort to rip out the existing floor. Allure Trafficmaster is also waterproof, making it suitable for installation in a kitchen or bathroom.

Tbis vinyl surface i sfairly quiet to walk on. Every plank comes with a GripStrip that is simply laid onto the next plank and pressed together to form a floating floor surface. If you can’t Bear a real hardwood floor due to a tight budget, this is one alternative you will be wise to consider.

No expensive tools are necessary to finish your project. In fact, a razor knife will take care of most of the job. If you have a full schedule, you will love the low-mmaintenance aspect of this flooring. You will need little Added than a damp mop and a brushless vacuum. In addition, Allure Trafficmaster flooring comes with a 25 year Stipulation, backed by a reputable company.

Take the tedium out of best chores with a laminate hardwood floor installation.

There’s no solid wood at all in wood laminate flooring. It’s actually an extremely high def picture which is covered in rock hard resin, then laid on a wood-chip mixture. Although the end result looks quite realistic, the only wood involved is the composite base. Regardless, there are many people who truly cannot tell the difference unless they physically get down on hands and knees to look.

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