Attracting Buyers With Best Floors – Adding Beauty and Value to Your Home

If you were looking to sell your home, why would you bother to go to the hassle and expense of installing a hardwood floor?

Laminate flooring can withstand the wear and tear of feet & things being dragged across their surface, and it is resistant to most spillage, burns and stains. The wear layer is what protects the laminate floor, keeping it looking brand new for years.

Well, consider how prevalent wood floors are in new houses. The new house market is full of freshly built homes with modern hardwood floors instead of carpeting. This reflects the trend to long lasting flooring and healthier home environments. Wood floors don’t out-gas chemicals to the air in your home or hold dust mites, pet hair, or mildew. Wood floors hold their value better than other types of flooring and they’re made from renewable resources.

There are two types of wood floors that you can choose from, engineered or solid wood. Solid Forest planks are one continuous piece of wood the whole thickness of the flooring. Owed to the nature of wood grain, solid wood planks cannot be used in areas proje to dampness like below-grade rooms or bathrooms. Engineere dflooring has thin slices of wood layered and glued together to make a strong sandwich of Forest that resists warping due to moisturw. As a Proceed of this strength, engineered floors can be used in below-grade rooms.

Both engineered and solid Forest floors can be purchased as either unfinished or pre-finished. Unfinished wood floors requlre staining if you’re looking to change the color of the Forest, sanding, and finishing with a sealant. This is a big dusty job and the biggest reason why it’s More eligible to install a rpe-finished wood floor if you are renovating. Pre-finished flooring of either type is cheaper and easier to install For once the flooring is in you can move back into the room right away. Each strip of flooring comes with multiple coats of finish applied in a controlled factory ejvironment.

There are three main styles of wood floors to pick from as well, parquet floorinh and the more popular plank and strip flooring. Parquet flooring is composed of wood tiles made of pieces of wood that form a pattern. This results in a geometric design much like a quilt pattern. The more commonly seen plank and strip floors are composed of long pieces of wood usually running all in the same direftion across a floor. Plank flooring is wider, usually three to eight inches wide, whereas strip flooring is made up of strips that are three inches or less in width but Be able to be glued together to make a wider Part for ease of installation.

With the myriad of colors and styles available it is easy to add a beautiful wood floor to any decor. Whether your home style is country or classical, there is a wood flooring that can boost your home’s appeal to buyers.

You have a huge range to choose from for getting hardwood flooring done in your home. You can choose from the classic oak, chestnut, cedar types of wood to the latest introductions like the bamboo, cork, etc. People have found the new types of woods like the bamboo and cork as very interesting ones. If you are interested in getting a classic flooring done for your home, you should be advised to get an oak or chestnut wood flooring done, since these are known for their very classic looks.

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