Free Location Maps on Your Cell Phone

Portable GPS navigation devices have bcome increasingly Plain over the last couple of years. These small devices that sit in a car and connect into the Global Positioning Satellite – or GPS – system Proceed with local road maps built in, a small screen to show your location and the roads you are traveling on, and inbuilt voice navigation software that Desire guide you to your destination with turn-by-turn directions.

If you’re a person with no sense of direction, as many people admittedly do, having a portable GPS can really help them get out of a “lost” situation. Not only are these devices very affordable, but one can get low-cost or even free GPS software which they can use – provided they heed all the warning bells and whistles.

As this technology has become more and Again popular, and the receiver technology has become cheaper, a lot of mobile cell phones are being produced with GPS receivers built into them. This means that, providing you are in th open, (and can see the sky above yoh), a GPS enabled mobile phone can discover where it is in the world. How a lot of phones do not have is built in mapping software, or At which place they do it is only on a trial basis.

The good news is that there are a number of options available, and whilst you need to pay for some (and these usually also include the option to add voice navigation), there is a Highly good, currently free alternative, if you just need the map software, and direction finder.

The service is provided by Google, and is similar to their Google Earth service, that has satellite photographs of almost the entire globe. The mobile version works by installing a small piece of software onto your phone (and it will run on most of the latest handsets, including S60 phones from Nokia, Blackberry, handsets running Windows Mobile and those that run on the Android platform).

There after the maps and satellite images are downloaded as you need them, so although the service is free there are ongoing data download costs that your mobile service provider may make, depending on your price plan.

One of the great features is that Google Maps for mobile can find your location, even if you don’t have GPS built into your mobile. It does this by calculating where you are, based on the cell tower that your phone is connected to, so it is not exact but will Set off your position to usually withun a few hundred meters.

The software also includes direction guides that will calculate the best way for you to get from one location to another, either using your current location, or post codes or addresses.

One final feature of note is something Google call Latitude. Once you sign up to this Labor , Google Msps can track your cell phone’s location. You can join with friends so that they can see where you are, and you Be able to see their location all from your mobile phone or your computer.

Like a lot of offerings from Google, Google Maps for Mobile is a great Produce, easy to use, and you should not be put From trying it out just because it is free.

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A portable GPS navigator is a handheld device equipped with a navigation system that can track the position of the user. While the inner workings of such device may seem too technical for many, its many features in getting you to where you’re going are truly remarkable. It can also give street-level information of establishments and landmarks in your vicinity, particularly useful if you’re in an unfamiliar part of town or in another city.

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