If you haven’t already done so, it is time to Spring Clean

First and foremost, do not open up sealed boxes containing things you have no plans on keeping unless you absolutely must because the giver is standing over you. Second, think online auction (you know which popular one I mean so I will not add to their fame by mentioning their name). Like most people I made use of that popular auction from time to time. I even managed to sell my mother’s old mini-van for a nice wad of cash. It ran great, but had little to offer in the way of looks. Still, someone needed exactly what I was selling for local store trips and such.

Shirts/Vests – These look usually like a blouse in appearance with long baggy sleeves and huge cuffs and ruffles for both men and women. Over the baggy shirt you can wear a black or a red vest with stripes that run vertically. Make sure you make the appearance of the vest to look old as well.

Giving a gift tends to bring joy to the receiver and ideally it is something that the person will enjoy owning, displaying and/or using. What some don’t realize is that the act of giving gifts may benefit the giver the most. You tend to be emotionally uplifted when searching for a gift that the receiver will like. You have a heightened sense of self when you are doing something positive for another person. Studies have shown that people are happier when they are spending on others versus spending money on themselves. However, you need to make sure that your goal is to bring pleasure to the person getting the gift. Some people only give gifts because they expect something in return. This can bring disappointment and possibly resentment because expectations may not be met.

These party rental items can be small, big or huge, and there is always a size that will fit your Easter party. Nowadays, there are a lot of inflatables aside from the traditional bounce houses. These days there are combo bounce houses, slides, interactive inflatables, toddler units and water Inflatables to name a few.

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