If you can delegate tasks to other family members then start delegating

Once the cleaning is completed, it is time for decorating. The first step can be actually finding all the decorations. As you get out the decorations for this year, check if they are still in good condition.

Finally the accessories for the pirate costume – black or brown boots, a pirate hat, hook hand, a big sash or a belt, hoop earrings, a toy sword, crossbones and skull jewelry, you can use a bandanna instead of a hat if you choose. The wig is important if you don’t have long hair and don’t forget the beads for the hair.

No matter how you choose to fill the time, try not to allow yourself to get overwhelmed at the holidays. Enjoy every precious moment with the people that you love. Time passes way to quickly, stop and appreciate these memories that you are creating for your children… it’s all in the details!

The holiday season brings excitement and wonder to children. Everywhere you go there are visual reminders that Christmas is right around the corner. It also provides added time with our children as their normal schedules often slow down during this time. Children who are getting a break from school are delighted with the schedule change. However, it often isn’t long before boredom sets in and they are coming to us for ideas of what they can do. We can use this time to become busy chasing after gifts and decorations, or we can slow down a little with them and give the gift of our time. Let me provide a few ideas for making the most of your time with your reading challenged child (Zane is mine these days):

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