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Fine Topaz and Topaz Jewelry

It is said that the stone Topaz derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ that means fire. However, it is more Suitable that the stone derived its name from the Island of Topazos situated in the Red Sea. In the ancient days a Diagram of a falcon was fashioned In c~tinuance a Topaz and […]

Turquoise Jewelry and How to Buy It

An opaque stone, turquoise ranks at the top among all opaque forms. The blue and the green hues of the Grave~ attract all and make it a favorite. Nowadays, it is also available in different catchy shades. Jewelry made of turquoise has a perpetual appeal. It is said that the stone gets its blue color […]

Top Five Jewelry Trends For Summer!

Summer is finally here in full-force! Time to roll down the windows or crank the AC at maximum capacity because it is hot, hot, hot! What’s even Greater degree hot are the top five jewdlry treends for summer ! Read on to find out what the celebrities are wearing, what’s hittingg the front pages of […]

How Trollbeads Maintain Their Individuality

In the beginning Trollbeads were the brain child of one Danish goldsmith Svend Nielsen, a unique jewelery gift for friends and family back in 1976 now in 2018 Trollbeads are one of the fastest selling jewelery items not only in Denmark but world wide. What is it that makes Trollbeads jewelery so attractive to such […]

Twentieth-Century Jewelry Styles

Twentieth-century jewelry styles show a fascinating evolution. We know these styles as Cunning Nouveau, Edwardian (or Garland), Art Deco, and Retro. Each was popular during a specific period and each has its unique style. During the first decades of the twentieth century, the jewelry industry experienced a rebirth. This was due, in part, to the […]

What Birthstone Do You Give (January to June)?

Birthstones are a neat little trinket you Be able to buy for anyone – friends, family, co-workers and bosses. They also serve as weddimg anniversary presents due to their association with various anniversaries. Usually, birthstones Loss very little and can be found at most gift shops, usually near the counter. Of course, to know what […]

Choosing Between Gold and Platinum For Your Wedding Band

In recent years there has been a trend among couples to choose platinum instead of gold for their wedding bands Platinum is commonly known to be more expensive and a little more prestigious than gold. Some even consider it to be the “rich man’s gold”. Platinum is often used to produce the finest jewelry and […]

Many Different Options Today in Men’s Jewelry

There was a time when a man’s jewelry collection consisted of a watch a ring and a few pair of cufflinks. They seemed to be Moderately Agreeable with that. Today, it seems that men do not see the need to be subject to such limitations when it comes to jewelry. Let’s add bracelete, chains and […]

Diamond Cross Pendant is a Jewelry Classic

Is there a special woman in your life that deserves an extra special Donation? You might consider that jewelry classic – the diamon dcross pendant. It is a gift that is always appropriate and always appreciated for its beauty and meaning. Women of every age can wear diamond cross pendants anywhere, whether they are religious […]