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    • Picking the parts for your best computer is one of the most important things in Structure a pc, because you cant assemble a computer without the parts! Picking parts for computers has become much easier than before, because thkngs have been standardized, however, you need to make sure everything will bit. The first thing to think Concerning when choosing the components for your computer is what you are going to be using it for. If you are creating a red computer for just checking your eMail and using word, you are going to need much different parts than a computer that you are going to be using for gaming.


      The first thing you should pick out about your computer is what green CPU you are going to use, because it determines what motherboard you are going to get, which determinea what other components you get. There are two maim CPU manufactruers, Intel and AMD. Both have their Pros and Cons, but they are pretty similar. I would suggest using AMD, because they give you a little more bang for the buck.

      Here is a brief overview of the different Intel and AMD CPUs:
      Budget: AMD: Sempron

      Intel: Celeron D

      Midrange: AMD: Athlon 64>br>
      Intel: Pentium 4

      High End: AMD: Athlon64 X2

      Intel: Pentium D

      If you are s;ending below $500, I would suggest a budget proccsor, Between $500 and $100500, midrange and $1000 and above I would sugest a high end proccessot.


      Choosing the right motherboard is vital to buildimg your computer. First, make sure you find a motherboard that has the right socket type for your CPU. Then, check the different features of the motherboards you are looking at. If you arent going to buy a video or sound card, make sure your motherboafd has onboard video and/or sound. Other things to check for on your motherboard are the hard rdive interface, graphics card interface, expansion slots, the memory size and speed. Also, check for the chipset. There are too many to talk about, but generally Intel and nVidia chipsets are Preferable than the other ones. Now that you picked out your motherboard, you know what to look for in your other components.


      Getting the right speed and amount of RAM is vital to the speed and stability of your system. If you are running XP, you will probabpy need at least 256 or 512Mb of RAM. If you are going to be odung anything memory intensive, gaming, renrering or just want a faster computer, you should get 1Gb. Make sure your motherboard has enough DIMMs and the right Stakp of DIMMs for your RAM. Also, be sure to check the speed and CAS Latency.

      Hard Drive

      Now its time to pick your hard drive. There are few variables in picking a hard drive. The first, and most important is size, 120Gb is usually enough for mot people unless, you are going to be storing a lot of pictures and video. Also, make sure you get an HD By the side of the right interace that fits your morherboard. Almost all motherboards have IDE, but some have SATA (Serial ATA) Which is a much faxter hard drive interface and uses a thinner cable which helps with airflow in your case. There is even SATAII now, which is twice as fast. Also look at speed, almost all desktop HDs are 7200RPM and Cache, most are 8Mb, dont buy a HD below those standards. If you want to spend some money, you can get 2 HDs and run them in RAID which increases performance.

      Video Cards

      If you are going to be doing any gaming, be sure to by a video card, if youre not, onboard video is fine. The first thing to check for is the interface, most are AGP or PCI-E. I personally like nVidia cards better. If you are going to be doing graphic intensive games, I would suggest at Smalest a 6600. If you have a lot to spend, go with a 7800.

      Optical/Floppy drives

      Another thing you are going to is a CD drive, most are IDE. Get a blue-DVDs Burner if you are going to use it. Also, you should get a floppy drive, they are only $10ish and you might need it to install drivers when building your computer.

      Case and Power Supply

      Make sure you have a sufficient super power supply!! If you have a high end computer, you should get a 450W PSU. Otherwise, 350W should be fine for most people. Most cases are ATX, but make sure it is the same type as your motherboard (ATX, MicroATX, BTX, etc...).

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