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  • Taking care of dog is a responsibility and investment of your time and energy but the returns are enormous. The love, loyalty and devotion that your dog shows you are priceless. They truly are a man's best friend and the rewards of being a dog owner surpasses, the time that you devote to your dog. Following a basic dog health care routine, will give your dog the chance to be the healthiest and happiest it can be.

    If a dog is bleeding profusely in the mouth, then Quieten the animal with a sedative like Diazepan, Apply cold compresses on the tongue, If the bleeding site can be located, press it with cotton dipped in ice-cold water,If the bleeding is severe, take the animal to a vet. He will give Haemostyptic Injections (Revici, Siochrome) to control the bleeding and if the blood loss is excessive, he will give I.V. fluids.

    The woof of a dog can be the most pleasant sound to a doting pet owner and especially after a tiring day at work. Even health gurus have agreed on the fact that nothing de-stresses your mind better than the warm welcome of a beloved pet and as a result more and more people are opting to keep pets in their homes. As the community of pet owners is on the rise, we need to think beyond the usual set of responsibilities of a pet owner. If you think keeping a dog at home is all play and no work then think again. Rearing a dog involves much more than simply providing it a nutritious diet, proper grooming, daily exercise and annual vaccinations. As a pet owner, you need to be prepared to deal with many planned and unplanned events concerning your pet and more importantly you must be financially prepared to handle every such situation that may crop up. Most of the time, a simple budget kept aside for the pet is not enough and only a dog health insurance can come to your timely, financial rescue.

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