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  • While many people have a place in their hearts for ferrets, there are plenty of people that still think of them as rodents. Those people that have pet ferrets usually know that there is much more to taking care of their furry friends than just providing food and water. Providing food, water, and shelter are the basics of ferret care, but they have a few other needs that aren't so easy to meet. Nearly every ferret will display some behavioral problems and whether or not you choose to curb these behaviors is up to you. However, these issues are something you will eventually have to deal with.

    As millions of families know, ferrets make wonderful pets. These animals are intelligent and trainable, and they provide endless companionship and entertainment. Once you learn what your ferret responds to, you can train him to use a litter box and teach him all sorts of fun games.

    Ferrets are from the Mustelid family and are related to weasels, skunks and otters, and are all able to produce musk. Some countries allow the glands responsible for musk production to be surgically removed so that the odor will not be so strong, but other countries, like the UK and Australia, find such alterations are not really necessary.

    An ideal ferret cage will consist of multiple levels, with shelves and ladders to climb. You should purchase a cage with a wood bottom, not mesh as this will hurt your ferret's feet. Under no circumstances should you house your ferret in a glass aquarium as this does not provide enough circulation and moisture will build up. Too much moisture can cause bacterial and fungal infections on the skin and can affect the respiratory system. This can ultimately lead to death.

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