Hamster pet care

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  • When we think back our childhood, it is common to have memories involving hamsters. There are many children who grew up caring for these cute little creatures as they can be good pets for young children and even adults. There are different kinds of hamsters and you can start with baby dwarf hamsters so that you will really enjoy monitoring it's growth and the changes in his little body.

    As rodents, hamsters belong to the subfamily Cricetinae, which contains some 25 different species. So, indeed there is quite a variety to choose from, many of which will no doubt make a terrific companion pet, as the care of hamsters is certainly a joyful undertaking.

    The first thing new baby hamster owners should know is that handling the babies right after they are born is BAD! It is crucial that owners leave the babies alone with their mother for at least ten days. This prevents the babies from picking up your "human scent" which might trigger the mother to eat the babies. This is the one and only time when you do not need to make any changes or clean the cage daily.

    So what should a parent do when the child starts asking for a pet? The child will probably ask for a puppy or a kitten, or a pony (yikes!). Obviously these pets take a lot of responsibility and require a lot of care and attention, and many times it is the parent who takes over these responsibilities because it seems overwhelming to the child at the time. Probably you will tell your child about how having a dog will require taking the dog on walks, cleaning up after the dog, feeding it, bathing it, and more. Of course your kid will most likely promise to do all of that stuff, but in most cases, kids slack off in taking proper care of pets and the parents are then stuck with the chores.

    If you want a unique and adorable pet, you should consider buying a hamster for your home. They can be very lovable and make great pets but like any other pet, they are susceptible to specific kinds of illnesses and injuries if they are not looked after regularly; some of these diseases are quite serious. If you notice signs or symptoms of a hamster disease, you need to take care of it right away, taking them to a veterinarian immediately.

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