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      Can Ink is committed to YOU. We are dedicated to providing quality ink and exceptional service at fair prices. We understand that people do not have time for frequent trips to the store for one or two items. As a result, we have developed to give consumers an efficient alternative to shopping at office supply stores. Due to the relative low cost of maintaining a web site compared to operating a brick-and-mortar store, we are able to offer high quality ink at lower prices than our brick-and-mortar competitors.

      Each cartridge is warranted to be free of defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

      The use of our products does NOT void your Equipment Warranty - and you’ll save up to 75% by choosing our products over the name brand cartridges. We stand behind our Products!

      The aim of this article is to give you, the consumer, a balanced commentary on both sides of the story and the facts about generic ink cartridges. So let's start with what we know about generic ink cartridges. Generic ink cartridges came on the scene just over five years ago.

      Cartridges are manufactured to the strictest quality standard, assuring performance to equal or exceed that of the original equipment manufacturer.

      We will, at our option, replace the cartridge or refund the full purchase price of any printer cartridge found to be defective.

      We also warrant that in normal use, printer cartridges supplied will not cause damage or abnormal wear when used in printers in which they are designed to operate.

      AllYouCanInk products are 100% Compatible with your name-brand office machine. Our ink cartridges are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of your equipment. The use of our products does not jeopardize your equipment's warranty in any way. We stand behind all of our products and ALWAYS back them up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

      If a defect in one of the cartridges causes such a printer to fail, the customer will be reimbursed for the amount of service and repair to the printer directly related to such a fault. This warranty is conditional on the customer providing us with satisfactory evidence that the printer failure was due to a defect in our printer cartridge.

      This guarantee becomes null and void if the cartridge has been damaged, dismantled or otherwise tampered with.

      USPS shipping is our most basic option, and is a flat fee of $3.95 for all outgoing packages. We give Free Shipping on all orders over $55(US). Packages sent USPS go either First Class or Priority Mail depending on the size and weight of the package.

      On average, credit card orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt of your order.

      Check orders are shipped within one to five days of receipt of your order/check.

      Orders over $150 are subject to verification. This may prolong the shipping process.

      We will deliver to AE, APO, AP, or FPO addresses at the customer's risk.

      Today, the technology has vastly changed and improved. There are many reputable printer companies producing compatible toner cartridges. The technology they use is as good as the technology used by major printer manufacturers. These reputable toner companies use all new parts. Many of the components they use are identical to those specified by the original equipment manufacturer. For example, they use the same types of toner, drums, rollers, etc.

      Orders shipped should arrive within 4-7 business days from the order date. However, we observe a 15-Business Day Shipping Policy to allow the post office time for delivery.

      AllYouCanInk cannot combine multiple orders or add to orders already placed.

      Orders will be shipped when all available items have been gathered. We will not ship partially filled orders.

      All our HP, all Lexmark, Canon BC-02, and Canon BC-05, Canon BC-01 are remanufactured. Empty original HP, Lexmark, and IBM cartridges are obtained. All cartridges are cleaned, filled with high quality printer ink, and tested. We are proud of our quality and we stand behind our products. Our HP, Lexmark, and IBM cartridges are remanufactured.

      Most popular items:

    • Epson T003011 / T005011 Compatible Combo
    • Epson S020118 Compatible Combo
    • Epson S020036 / S020034 Compatible Combo
    • Lexmark 17G0060 / 17G0050 Compatible Combo
    • Apple M1960G/A Compatible - Black
    • Canon BC-02 Compatible - Black
    • Easy Refill Kit for HP 29 (51629) & HP 20 (C6614) Black Inkjet Cartridges
    • Easy Refill Kit for Canon BC-01 & BC-02 Black Inkjet Cartridges
    • Canon F47-0761-410 Compatible - Black
    • IBM NP 12 Toner Compatible - Black
    • Easy Refill Kit for HP 49 (51649) Color Cartridges
    • HP C6615AN Compatible Combo
    • HP 51645A / C1823A Compatible Combo
    • HP 51645A Compatible - Black
    • HP C6578A Compatible - Color
    • HP 51640A Compatible - Black

      Major Brands:

    • Apollo
    • Apple
    • Brother
    • Canon
    • Epson
    • Hewlett Packard
    • IBM/Lexmark
    • Kodak
    • Okidata
    • Panasonic
    • Pitney Bowes
    • Ricoh
    • Sharp
    • Toshiba
    • Xerox

      Even though you do a massive amount of research, you may never truly know all you'd like to about a toner company. However, you can learn exactly what type of compatible toner cartridge you are purchasing.

      We understand that our customers have many choices for ink products and we take our relationship with each person very seriously. AllYouCanInk wants to provide you with high-quality products as well as a positive shopping experience that will keep you coming back and recommend us to your friends.

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