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    • After a viewing whether in the cinema or on cable TV we always emboss our opinion on the movie. Frequently this opinion is indelible particularly if it's either terrible or terrific. Yet every once in a while a particular film resurrects itself in our subconscious and compels us to give it another chance at redemption. This occurs when our lives change, when we mature, when we have more life experience, and when we're more empathetic.

      Contrary to popular belief, printed catalogues are more popular than ever. The long held view that Catalogues and Home Shopping would suffer a long and painful decline in both popularity and effectiveness in the face of online activity and competition is being challenged by some very astute retailers.

      Argos additions offer thousands of top brand products in a variety of categories including clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children, sportswear, exercise equipment and home styles.

      The area of greatest value to your small store is what the eye sees first so if you have a shop window this is going to be the most valuable real estate of your store. What you put into it, what offers you make and how much space you give over to attracting custom has to be the primary consideration. Additionally, when you rented or bought your store the calculation for the value of it will have been made front to back of store so the surveyors will have evaluated the space closest to passing trade as being the most valuable part of your store.

      Some very switched on retailers have seen the internet as a brilliant opportunity to build on their strengths and to address their weaknesses .The criticisms of limitec selection, limited sizes, limited chioce in fact the limitations of printed publications in general have been addressed in impressive style.

      The same is happening over the internet with these kinds of companies. They have a much broader and appealiny range of goods compared to other stores, which are lower priced, so the consumers tend to visit them more often. They buy in bulk from cheap sources, and put pressure on their suppliers to reduce costs. Both Asda and Tesco have now entered the online catalog sector because they know how profitable it can be. The shoppers benefit from low prices and the sound reputation of big name companies. They have the trust factor that is so important in business, whether online or on the high street.

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