Blank jigsaw puzzle

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    • This is a package containing eight , WHITE, 8.5" x 11", blank, already together jigsaw puzzles that can be imprinted via ink jet printer, laser or plain paper copier. Each patented jigsaw puzzle (a little heavier than a business card . . .010 thin) is configured to have forty pieces and can be used by your executive friend for advertising specialties,promotions, premiums, prospecting, business solicitations, quotations and party letterwriting. He can personalize (or customize) these computer printable jigsaw puzzles right under his own roof and have a blast, his friends will have a blast . . . everyone'll have a blast. Give him a chance to do something really different, yet creative, and . . . hide the fact that he's a computer geek! fact that you're really a geek!

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      and over.

      Just like in any Sudoku puzzle, the ultimate goal for each player when playing is to complete the puzzle by filling.

      Jigsaw puzzles are not only manufactured in the original horizontal format but as ovals, circles, squares, vertically and in various freeform shapes depending upon the images place on the puzzles. Some even are three-dimensional shapes such as globes, animals and buildings. And they do not always have just a plain 2D picture printed on them but are embellished with glitter, perfume, or with a 3D image. Puzzles are not only made with cardboard but with wood, plastic, and rubber. Note: Wooden puzzles are expensive to produce and they are usually made one at a time. Many times the licensing deal that those manufacturers offer to artists is to put the artists art on their website. "If" the art is chosen by a customer, the manufacturer will product the puzzle and the artist will get paid a royalty or flat fee for the use.

      Those empty cells with a set of numbers that should appear only once on every row and every column. However, unlike the other variants of Sudoku, there is no need for each player to apply the same rule to each sub-square. Instead, the focus should be shifted to those irregularly shaped boxes which we shall call "regions". Thus, the rule for Irregular Sudoku goes something like this: In completing an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, no single number should appear more than once on every row, every column, and every region.

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