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    • We keep our prices low by hiring no outside help. As a highly successful family operated business, we take great pride in providing special attention to each and every order. Our customers appreciate the care and effort that we put into selecting and shipping their trees. By utilizing the latest packaging and shipping techniques, we also add to the impressiveness of each gift.

      Bonsai plants are very well-known miniature saplings that are cultivated to capture the beauty of a large replica tree. The tree is planted in a small ceramic container, pruned and potted to keep the tree from growing to full size. Like other potted plants, there are some bonsai trees that are more popular than others. There are literally hundreds of plants and specimens that might be considered for a bonsai plant, however there are a select few that are easy to maintain and grow. The following is a list of five bonsai plants that range from most popular to least popular, and a short description of each amazing specimen.

      Customer Comments:
      I received my order today. Thank you for taking the time to send it Monday so it would be received Wednesday. As listed on your website I was indeed impressed with the specimen you sent. I have given my wife a not so subtle hint that a nice Chinese elm or serissa would make a nice birthday gift (coming in Jan.) You may get a phone call from her.

      Before putting the seeds into the pot, you should pour water into the pot and place it under the sun. The best time to plant trees is during the spring and the autumn since the seeds will come out of sprout better. You must have patience, as it will take time to nestle your bonsai trees. Bonsai are very fashionable trees and you will have to take extra care when growing the bonsai in your house.

      Thank you so much for the beautiful juniper that you sent to me in Chicago. My boyfriend loved it, and I love it as well! It was nicely packaged, and it looks like it's going to be with us for many years to come. Thanks again - I'll be ordering more from you in the future!

      Having a plan for the matured Bonsai will help us to make an informed decision on the type of Bonsai that will help us reach our plan. If your plan calls for a stately tree single tree with very delicate leaves, then a temperate Bonsai such as the maple tree maybe ideal for you. Or if your plan is in a more tropical venue then a member of the tropical Bonsai family may work better for you.

      Thanks for a great job with shipping my trees. I was a little worried about having a live tree shipped to me here in Fairbanks Alaska in the middle of winter, but they arrived safe and sound.
      --Burton Zielinski.

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      As previously mentioned, bonsai is an art that requires a combination of talent and skill. More than that, it is not enough that you are interested to do the art. You need to be diligent, dedicated, and disciplined. Thus, bonsai is not an easy art to do. In order to be successfully, you will need to gain a lot of knowledge from experienced bonsai artists and dealers. Meanwhile, experts say that it is better for beginners to start with seedlings or cuttings to have a better understanding on how delicate it is to take care of this type of tree. It is not advisable for novices to start with an already shaped and grown tree.

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