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    • Culinary portal and department store providing a variety of authentic Russian cooking recipes and true Russian food products: vodka, caviar, pelmeni, bread, seafood and much more. Also offers Russian audio & video, books, souvenirs, medicines and herbs.

      Understanding cultural foods and the cultural aspects related to food preparation is a great way to learn more about a nation's ethos. Food habits are believed to be a vital thread to understand human psychology. It is also known to be a mirror through which a nation's customs and traditions can be understood.

      Sometimes Russian females find western men as a better life partner than their Russian men as they believe that foreign men are the most caring, family-oriented husbands who make better decisions. Whatever the reasons could be, but Russian ladies apply to many dating sites in their search of a perfect man as their life partner.

      There's a lingering Russian mindset, a holdover from Soviet times, wherein The People's comfort is irrelevant. This strikingly non-American attitude is especially prevalent in mass transit. Trains are inevitably too hot, even in winter, and yet opening a window in your compartment is impossible. Train toilets border on deplorable. Benches at bus stops are non-existent. The list goes on, but the details aren't as important as what we can learn from this: Russians have lifelong experience with suffering.

      Even during feasts, the women of the house worked hard preparing food; all that the men did was to enjoy the feast and get high on vodka. It's commonly believed that harder a woman worked in the kitchen, the better would be the food. Even with all the hard work, they weren't appreciated, with sons being given priority.

      What are you thinking about cooking at your next big dinner party? Why not step outside your comfort zone and attempt something totally new and exciting. International dishes are a great way to show off your talents in the kitchen so today we are going to share with you some Russian recipes that anyone can master.

      If you want to prepare a Russian salad, then forget about tossed lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Russia is a cold country where energy packed root vegetables such as potato fill the dinner plate. This is a country where an avocado or banana costs more than a bottle of vodka because all tropical fruits have to be imported.
      This gives us a traditional Russian salad - a salad with some bite. A typical salad is the Dressed Herring Under Fur Salad.

      2 herring (salted)
      5 potatoes
      4 carrots
      4 beets
      5 eggs
      1 lb mayonnaise

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      Russian culinary portal and Food Grocery store delivering all over the US.

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