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    • As the world’s largest contact lens store, dedicated to providing you with a simple, hassle-free way to replace your contact lenses. At 1-800 CONTACTS, you will receive the exact same contact lenses your doctor prescribed, delivered to your door, at a great price. And with an inventory of over 20 million contacts. Contact lenses are small circular pieces of glass cautiously put in the eyes so intended for cosmetic, corrective and therapeutic reasons. The idea of it is initially originated via Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. As time goes by, contact lenses have been more improved and progressed by brilliant professionals. These improvements made a variety of lenses defined by its characteristics, life span, and uses. We are more likely to have your prescription in stock than anyone else, which means you’ll receive your contacts fast.

      Product List:

    • 1-Day Acuvue 30 pack
    • Hydrogenics 60
    • Acuvue 2
    • Biomedics 38
    • Acuvue 2 Colours
    • Acuvue Bifocals
    • Focus 1-2 Week Softcolors
    • Acuvue Toric
    • Acuvue
    • Biomedics 55
    • Focus 1-2 Week
    • Focus Dailies 90 pack
    • Focus Toric
    • Optima FW/SeeQuence II
    • Focus Monthly
    • Proclear Compatibles
    • Soflens 66 Toric
    • Surevue
    • Versaflex 55 UV

      At 1-800 CONTACTS, our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible to purchase your contacts. In support of that goal, we offer simple ordering by phone, Internet, mail or fax. Disposable contact lenses come in single day, weekly, or monthly use. These contact lenses often offer a higher degree of comfort because and there is less of a chance of protein buildup and warping, which can feel scratchy to the eye. To date, many soft contact lens buyers say that these lenses are the best ones on the market in regards to ease of wear, however, they may not be the ultimate option for true vision correction.
      Along with 200 trained customer service agents ready to provide live help 7 days a week. No more running around town to pick up contact lenses—at 1-800 CONTACTS we deliver, you save.

      Companies that sell contact lenses online have been under a lot of scrutiny since their development. Some have said that the contact lenses are of a poorer quality, that the lenses may not be the right prescription, and that the individuals selling these contact lenses are not supposed to do so. That brings about a safety concern amongst some because it is true that you are more likely to receive tips from your optometrist.

      So what do we do to prevent this? Per the health experts, Dengue can largely be prevented by red taking personal protective measures against mosquitoes such as using insect repellent and staying inside when mosquitoes are biting.

      Hard contact lenses, which are also known as rigid gas permeable or RPG lenses, are made from a semi-stiff plastic that is tough, but will still allow oxygen to pass through to the eye. Sometimes a person who is considering making a switch from glasses to contact lenses will have to go through some or all of the styles before choosing which one if the best possible option for their particular situation. Several factors can go into determining which contact lens is the best for each individual person.

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