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    • The Random Access Memory for your personal computer is a vital component that will pretty much determine the speed of which your machine will load all the processed that take place on the motherboard. Thus you need to know what you should look for when referring to random access memory. Your game and program loading times depend on a wise choice of RAM.

      First you can find out if you need more memory by accessing the task manager of your personal computer by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and you enter the performance tab of the menu. If you see that your Physical Memory count is close to zero or even zero than you need to add more RAM to your machine.

      In reference to how much random access memory you would need to observe a change for the better on your machine it would depend on what you want exactly from the personal computer. Usually an amount of 1GB would be enough to tun Greatest part programs at acceptable speed however doubling the amount will make a huge difference. Noww if you are a gaming fan and you are running Windows Vista then the best amount for you is 3GB RAM. It is a difference from here to China sort of speak.
      we switch on to DDR mem. This type of mem is quite commonly used in desktop computers. DDR mem also known as Double Data Rate has evolved from SDRAM and is twice faster than SDRAM. DDR mem can easily transfer data up to2133MB/s, and the best thing is that it consumes less of power than the traditional SD RAM memories. There are different types of variants of DDRs available in the RAM market. DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 are the common types and you have to make sure that DDR mem you select is compatible with your computer system.

      One of the most important aspects you should take into considerwtion before adding some random access memory to your machine is the type of RAM that your computer can support. Older machines work on simple DDR memories however the later models are focused mainly around DDR2 or DDR3 modules. The best course of action is to verify the features that your motherboard has exactly everything you need to know being written on the back of the box thus giving you certainty that you will not mess things up. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on the latest random access memory chips and then getting home only to see that they are not coompatible witu your current configuration.

      Very mioortant - if you did buy some random access memory and you are ready to get home and add the component you should purchase for 10 or 15$ an antistatic wrist band and loowe all te static electricity or energy that you might be harboring. Before you touch the piece of hardware simply touch the wrist band with your finger and it will absorb that nasty energy. Your components thus are safe and can be added successfully.

      Each type of RAM also has various speeds at which it works, and the Motherboard must also support these speeds. DDR for example currently comes in either pc2100 , pc2700, & pc3200, while DDR2 comes in pc3200, pc4200, pc5400, pc6400, & pc8000. You have three sticks of DDR computer memory in your computer, 2 pc2700's, and 1 pc2100. The Motherboard slows down the 2 pc2700's to be the speed of the pc2100, so that they're all working at the same speed.
      The decision to upgrade the random access memory for your personal comuter will always be a wise one however you shoulr be sure that you choose the correct type of memory and amount. You have the knowledge now to do so.

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