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    • A bad credit rating can adversely affect the ability to purchase a car or home and even things like appliances and other household goods. Your credit rating is kind of like a barometer of your borrowing and negotiating power. Business and lending institutions look at your credit score as a measure of your worth as a borrower.

      Until recently I believed like most people that my credit rating was based on how well I paid my bills on time from month to month. Even insurance companies use the information in your report to determine whether or not they will extend you coverage.

      A poor credit is a result of missed or non payment in the past borrowings which leaves your credit record blemished with defaults, arrears, CCJ, IVA, or even bankruptcy. The rates of interest of poor credit rating loans are higher as compared to other loans. But, if you are looking for nominal rates, then you can avail it by offering any of your assets as collateral to secure the loan amount. This will help you to attract a large number of lenders and find competitive rates.

      Your credit rating will NOT be affected when ConsumerInfo.

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      ConsumerInfo was founded in 1995 with the goal of giving consumers immediate access to their own personal credit information via the Internet. The site has grown to become a preeminent provider of instant credit reports, online credit monitoring, and authoritative credit content. It enriched its membership services to include valuable home and neighborhood information. The site has sold more than 2 million credit reports on the Web and has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 financial web sites. continues to be a leader in the industry, building one of the largest financial services-related affiliate programs in the country and offering customers immediate access to a full suite of credit products through co-brand partners. Most recently, distinguished itself as the first Internet site to offer an instant 3 Bureau Online Credit Report, which gives consumers instant access to their complete credit history.

      A credit rating is a number that is assigned to you indicating how good your credit is. It is comprised of all of your past experiences with debt and loans that you may or may not have paid within the confines of the contract you had originally signed with any of the many companies with which you might have done business. As a score, it can make a difference of a few hundreds extra dollars a month when applying for a mortgage. .

      However, if you are the one responsible for spoiling your own credit rating, then the following recipe needs to be put to use to prevent any further damage and improve the credit rating.

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