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    • UGG Australia the world's premier luxury brand of authentic skeepskin footwear. Once you slide your feet into our cozy shoes, you won't ever want to step out of them. Whether you prefer slippers, clogs, boots, or shoes, Ugg Australia has the footwear for you. Take a look at Ugg Australia's Fall 2003 collection. We guarantee you'll love the feel of sheepskin against your feet!

      Men's Classic Collection
      Thee are the authentic boot surfers have been wearing for years. These boots are made of sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia and offer superior comfort and warmth.

      Women's Classic Collection
      Thee are the authentic boot surfers have been wearing for years. These boots are made of sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia and offer superior comfort and warmth.

      Men's Ultra Collection
      The Ultra collection, one of our top of the line styles, features a molded rubber outsole for greater traction and a built in, replaceable Ugg comfort system topsole. These boots are made of sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia and offer superior comfort and warmth.
      Women's Fall Collection
      The versatile clogs, slip ons, and boots are perfect for every day. The waxy tumbled leathers are appropriate for nearly every climate and setting while keeping your feet warm.

      Men's Adirondack Collection
      Our rugged Adirondack collection is built for all weather conditions. The waterproof leathers and heavy duty, rugged outsoles can take you anywhere while offering all of the warmth and luxurious comfort you have come to expect from Ugg Australia.

      Women's Fluff Collection
      The Ugg Fluff collection is all about showing off your sheepskin! Our most playful collection features untrimmed and beautifully colored sheepskinfleece, the ultimate in luxury.

      Men's Slippers Collection
      Ugg Australia offers a wide variety of sheepskin slippers, each unique in look and performance. Whether you're looking for pure warmth and comfort, versatility, you can choose one that best suits your lifestyle.

      Women's Care & Cleaning Collection
      Clean and protect your UGGs with our exclusive UGG Australia Cleaner & Conditioner and Water & Stain Repellent. They are a must have for all UGG owners.

      Kid's Collection
      Now we've kid sized our most popular Ugg styles. The same genuine sheepskin and quality workmanship make our smaller Ugg footwear equally authentic.

      Women's Apparel
      UGG Australia is proud to introduce our newest collection, Women's Apparel. This line offers style, comfort and warmth all in one.

      History of the UGG Company The earth rotates left to right - the natural flow of things is top to bottom - but in 1978 Brian Smith, a young Australian surfer, brought a core piece of "Down Under" to the United States.
      Armed with two dozen pairs of UGG sheepskin boots, he hit the streets of NYC ready to make his "sheepskin to riches" story to come true. Three days later he was "down under" by $950. He still had two dozen UGG boots and was feeling lonely in the Big Apple.
      Being a persistent, committed and creative mate, Brian was convinced these Australian boots had a place in the US market. He then set out determined to find it. Luckily, it didn't take him long to realize that the UGG boots would fit the same feet in the States as they do in Australia - surfers feet. In fact, he soon discovered there was already a core group of surfers who had brought UGGs back from Australia to share with their American surfing "mates."
      His first season in business Brian sold 48 pairs of boots to a whopping 5 accounts. Of course, it was the crazy California surfers who grasped the genius of these sheepskin boots - the incredible warmth, ultimate comfort and cozy sheepskin.
      Now Ugg footwear is sold from LA to New York to London and all points in between. They have also grown beyond boots to incorporate shoes, slippers and clogs and all-weather products made of the same fine Australian sheepskin.
      Brian Smith continues to keeps the Australian Spirit alive as a spokesperson for the UGG brand.
      Care and Cleaning
      Ensure maximum water repellency and protect against stains by using UGG® Australia Sheepskin Water and Stain Repellent.
      To clean, we recommend using UGG® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner - formulated from natural products using coconut and jojoba oils. Hand wash only - DO NOT put in washing machine.
      Wet entire boot or shoe with cold water.
      Apply small amount of UGG® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner to a clean sponge or soft brush.
      Clean entire area thoroughly and evenly.
      Rinse clean in cold water.
      Reshape by stuffing with paper towel.
      Allow to dry naturally and slowly - DO NOT dry in direct heat or sunlight

      UGG® Australia footwear is warranted for one year against defective materials and workmanship that may occur outside of normal wear and tear. Slight dye transfer may occur with darker colored sheepskin during first few wears. Because sheepskin is a natural product, there may be some irregularities and variations in color and texture. These traits are characteristic of fine sheepskin and add to the beauty and character of the footwear.

      Comfort and Fit
      UGG footwear should be snug, but not uncomfortable.
      UGG footwear will give a bit as they mold to your foot.
      UGG footwear is designed to be worn barefooted to maximize the cushioning and warmth of sheepskin.
      Our fleece foot-bed will mold to the natural contours of your foot, creating a personalized arch support.
      Wool fleece permits air circulation, allowing your feet to breathe.
      Natural properties of wool wick moisture away to ensure dry and cozy feet.
      Wool fleece helps maintain body temperature, making UGGs appropriate for all climates. In fact, the wool will keep your feet warm down to -30°F.

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