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      We’re rather unique in the on-line ordering world. We’re not just virtual. We have a real store, a real warehouse and real people at the other end of our customer service lines.

      How to attract beautiful women is something some of my clients (and friends) have been asking me to explain lately. So, I thought I'd write an article to help anyone out there that wants to attract beautiful women with the law of attraction. (Though, I don't teach it exactly like everyone else because I think most, if not all, of the changes arise just from the reactions that occur from changing yourself.)

      And because we have all those "brick & mortar" things in addition to our on-line catalog. We can usually ship within 24 hours. You can do that when you have a 400,000 square foot warehouse and keep everything in stock!

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      There is this mentality that we sometimes develop that if we just pretend it doesn't matter then it won't. This past issue on beauty really brought this to my attention. How do we write about what makes us feel beautiful when we don't actually feel beautiful? How do we instill these lessons in our daughters when we still don't have them in ourselves? Why do we feel like hypocrites when it comes to beauty? So we tell ourselves that we don't care about losing twenty pounds, or dressing up, or feeling beautiful. But these are real issues that every woman, Christian or Not, struggles with and we will get nowhere by pretending they shouldn't or don't matter. Because they do!

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